Grumpy Educators

NYSUT has sued to strike down State Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia’s decision to abrogate the collective bargaining settlement in five Buffalo colleges.

Fantasies all to usually fall in need of our expectations. All of us have looked forward to an event with a lot anticipation that we noticed every second of it play out in our heads. Then when the occasion lastly came we have been left disappointed with the fact. I actually don’t imagine that these boys actually thought of the truth of the situation till it all caved in on them.

Anyway, I requested him how much of it he’d offered. Two containers, he said. I asked him if he was positive they really tasted that unhealthy, and he assured me once more that they did. I requested him if he’d tried them and he mentioned he had not. How did he know, then? His good friend told him. My thoughts flashed back to Arne Duncan and John King promoting us educational applications that they’d not use for their very own kids, and I decided one thing was not right here.

I feel we do have some severe mental health points arising an increasing number of in youngsters. I completely hate medicating children, however, other than in most excessive situations. Completely in opposition to it. In reality medicines on high of all the opposite synthetics unborn infants, infants and kids are exposed to is part of the issue.

The college is the assist construction of the school, and if they’re contributing to the issue then the scholars are going to have a tough time believing that there is a viable solution. Every college in the nation has a handbook, and the insurance policies contained in that handbook ought to apply to all college students equally. As parents we should all insist on this being ironclad, even when it has to do with our own kids. If a workers member chooses to look the other manner when violations are occurring, they must be held accountable as properly.