How to Succeed as a Woman in Engineering

Women often struggle to earn salaries that match the men among their counterparts, but it can be especially difficult in an industry such as engineering, which is predominantly male. A general lack of belief among many employers that a woman can do the job and unwelcoming environments often await women engineers. However, engineering can be a rewarding career that offers job security, and if you have the inclination and talent, you can find success in the field.

Find the Right Program

Head to and find the right program to suit your educational goals. Having a degree is a must if you want to succeed as an engineer, but finding the program that will take you further is also an important part of your decision to pursue this specialized education. Look for programs with good testimonials and that have produced graduates that go on to work at companies that are among the top in the industry. A hiring manager is more likely to take you seriously if you have a reputable degree and good references from professors in the program.

Report Inappropriate Behavior

If your work environment is just unpleasant, try your best to find another employer – your degree will give you leverage for finding another job. If, however, the work environment includes harassment or explicit bullying, speak with a supervisor. If your supervisor is among those causing you distress, go over his head or work with human resources. If there seems to be no recourse, consider speaking with an attorney who specializes in hostile work environments. Action at this level is sometimes the only way to change how businesses operate.

Start Your Own Business

If you find that women aren’t taken as seriously when applying for engineering jobs or working for other companies, consider banding together with likeminded men and women and starting your own business that takes advantage of all the engineering talents you have to offer. While you still may face some discrimination when it comes to securing investors and convincing customers to work with you, you’ll also find plenty of professionals eager to give smaller businesses a chance.

Your success as an engineer begins with earning the right degree. Thanks to the convenience of online education, you can study to become an engineer even while working another job and/or juggling a busy family life. Get started with the right program today and a successful career awaits you.