Most Important Things to Know Before Writing Articles

Writing articles is an incredible talent possessed by a few. Contentmart provides the ultimate opportunity to establish your identity and professional career around freelance writing.

As a writer on this platform, you must be more likely to maintain good quality and ensure client satisfaction. Also, you might do little research, visit two to three sites and then put down your unique ideas into a wonderful article. But, is that all? Well, No. In order to improve your performance and develop best quality user-friendly content, you need to keep the five most essential points in your mind, before you start writing your next article on Contentmart.

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  • Tone and Style: Once you are awarded the project, it is best advisable to ask clients for few samples which will help you in understanding the kind of tone, style and structure preferred by your client. Each client has their own preference and being a writer, you must cater to their needs and choices. It is very important to match your tone, style and structure of write-up with that of the client’s article writing
  • Time: Time is the biggest constraint in freelancing jobs. While most clients can be liberal about time span, others might not. There are various websites where articles need to be updated on regular basis. These sites are usually very active and live. Therefore, in order to survive, they need fresh content every now and then. As for others, articles might be written at fixed intervals of time. Before you accept the article writing project, you must clear any time-related issues and specify the amount of time that you will require to complete your article. Never delay the time without prior information. Not only there is heavy risk of losing the work mid-way but also lowers down your impression and fetches you lower rankings.
  • Matter of Subject: While bidding for a project, please go through the topics on which you need to write the article, have good understanding about the subject and then give a final proposal. The matter of the content is very vital. Only bid for the article writing work, which you are confident about. Being a writer, you need to niche down your core areas of excellence and proficiency and then choose the projects accordingly.
  • Good Planning: You might be good at researching the article, but do you plan your overall article writing or just put down whatever comes to your mind? Well, in case you are responding with a yes to the second option, it should be stopped. Once you get the topic, develop a good planning of your entire content: how shall it look, the heads and sub-heads if required, placement of bullet points, if required along with the appropriate titles. Good and extensive plans not only fine tone your freelance writing article but also help in creating good impression in the client’s mind.

Audience: Last but not the least, the people for whom you are writing equally matters. You must ask client if the audience is academicians, common tech-savvy people or specialized professionals. Develop your language, and word usage accordingly.