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Advantages of Hiring a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer If you have suffered an injury due to a slip and fall accident in the recent past, you need to hire a lawyer to help you out with the compensation pursuit process. A majority of slip and fall accidents are minor, but there are a few that are serious or even fatal. Here is a look at top 4 advantages of hiring slip and fall injury attorneys. Cases of slip and fall can be caused by numerous reasons that include unsafe stairways, standing water puddles, poorly lit buildings, and slippery surfaces such as tiles. It is the responsibility of building owners or tenants to ensure that visitors are warned beforehand and in an appropriate manner or take steps to eliminate the factors that may cause slip and fall accidents. If you hire slip and fall accident lawyers, they will carry out investigations and pursue compensation claims against the parties responsible. The best lawyers in personal injury matters will ensure that the evidence that relates to your claim is safeguarded. A building owner will try all manner of things to destroy or conceal proof that the accident took place in a bid to deny its occurrence. With an injury lawyer by your side, their actions will not succeed. Included in the evidence that your slip and fall injury lawyer will gather include CCTV footage and statements from eye witnesses, which will be critical in proving that you were in the building in question at the material time.
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The chances of succeeding in your claim are 95%, which is way more than what you are likely to achieve on your own. Remember that events may not go as intended, making it essential for your case to go to court. Besides, you will need the expertise of a slip and fall lawyer when negotiating with the defendant about compensation.
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Self-representation is the chief cause of failure in most slip and fall accidents. In a majority of the cases, such victims make repeat blunders, leading to such consequences. In addition to being barred from pursuing the claim by the statute of limitation due to lateness, many slip and fall accident victims err when they enter negotiation rooms without proper skills and when they sign release of liability papers without getting compensated fully for their injuries. Such are the mistakes that cannot take place if you hire the best injury lawyer in town for representation. Initially, you will not pay anything to the slip and fall lawyer to access his services. Note that lawyers don’t charge for their first consultations with slip and fall injury victims and their legal fees only accrue once the cases in question are successful. Injury lawyers understand that the sudden occurrence of accidents leaves many families in financial distress since victims have to use up their savings and even borrow to cater for medical and other expenses.