Top Online MBA Concentrations

Getting an MBA can be a very time consuming affair, especially if you are doing so after already starting your career. If you already have a family and other responsibilities, then it can be hard to make time to return to school. Therefore, you might want to consider obtaining your degree completely online. This will allow you to complete your courses at home or a local library on your own time. If you have decided that you would like to get your MBA online, you might be considering getting a particular concentration. This will help to set you apart from other graduates and allow you to tailor your learning experience.


The highest paying MBA concentration upon graduation is strategy. This is due to the large number of strategy consultants. The starting salary for strategy MBA employees is around 130,000. The salary will only increase from this point, making it the most lucrative MBA concentration at this time.


One of the most popular MBA concentrations available is consulting. Consultants usually work in management. However, they can also work in specialized fields such as health care or information technology.


Another popular choice is finance. Specializing in finance will give you more classes dealing with the management of money in a business. This specialization is popular for those who are looking to enter into the banking field. It is also a great choice for those who simply want to work in the finance industry in large companies as well.

International Business

An international business concentration provides students with the opportunity to learn more how business works on a global level. Students will learn how to put these skills to work when dealing with numerous countries, both foreign and domestically. In this concentration, students will learn the particular role that the government plays in business.

These are all great choices for choosing a concentration in business. To understand more, click on this link.